Nokia 6.1 Plus EDL Point TA-1083

The Nokia 6.1 Plus EDL Point TA-1083 is a Point that allows for a connection between a computer and your phone Nokia via the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader interface, This is done through Emergency Download Mode (EDL). in this guide, I share with you test point for Nokia 6.1 Plus.

if you want to edl mode Nokia 6.1 Plus, you need to find the correct edl test points on the motherboard. and then connect these two points, now your device connected to your Pc.

Emergency Download Mode allows advanced users to gain access to the bootloader of their smartphones, EDL mode typically used for diagnostic and flashing purposes.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Test Point Image

Nokia 6.1 Plus EDL Point TA-1083

Nokia 6.1 Plus EDL Point

  • Download & extract Qualcomm QCOM HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver on your pc
  • Then, Install the Qualcomm USB driver.
  • Power Off your Nokia 6.1 Plus device
  • After that, Unlock the Nokia 6.1 Plus phone back cover.
  • Remove the battery connector.
  • Connect your device to the Computer using a USB cable
  • Then Find EDL Pinout in your Motherboard.
  • Finally, at the same time, you need a Copper Wire to short that pinout + connect the battery connector.

Qualcomm QCOM HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver

  • Your phone has now successfully entered EDL mode.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Unlock Pattern

  1. Download and open UMT Tool  Multi QcFire Tool
  2. Then Click on Read & tools tab.
  3. on Brand choose Oppo
  4. On Model choose Nokia 6.1 Plus
  5. Click on FORMAT FS.
  6. Power Off your Android device
  7. Remove the back cover and then, Remove Battery Cable
  8. Remove back panel of the device carefully.
  9. Then, Find the Test Point on circuit board
  10. Then Click on Execute.
  11. Click on Yes then wait.
  12. Finally, Would you like to reset FRP, Choose Yes.
  13. It’s Done.

How to fix Nokia 6.1 Plus edl point not working

  • First, use to original cable USB
  • Then Check driver if not going edl 9008 model
  • Finally, Disconnect the battery and reconnect

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