Vivo V23e Test Point

The Vivo V23e Test Point is a Point that allows for a connection between a computer and your phone Vivo via the UnlockTool interface, This is done through Emergency Download Mode (EDL). in this guide, I share with you test point for Vivo V23e MTK.

if you want to edl mode Vivo V23e, you need to find the correct edl test points on the motherboard. and then connect these two points, now your device is connected on your Pc.

Vivo V23e MTK Test Point Image

Vivo V23e Test Point

How To Erase FRP on Vivo V23e Via Unlock Tool

  • Download & extract UnlockTool on your pc
  • Install UnlockTool on your Computer.
  • Power Off your Android device
  • Remove the back cover and then, Remove Battery Cable
  • Remove back panel of the device carefully.
  • Then, Find the Test Point on circuit board
  • Run the Unlocktool as an administrator.
  • Click Mediatek and then Choose Model Vivo V23e

unlocktool vivo y12

  • Choose Repartition > Click Format data and then, Click Select
  • Short bot points using any copper wire and Connect your device to the Computer using a USB cable at the same time.
  • Now, Power On the Vivo V23e
  • you are free to flash stock ROM on Vivo V23e mobile.

Why Use Vivo V23e Test Point

  • Installing stock ROM on Vivo V23e Phone
  • Flashing Vivo V23e without unlocking the bootloader
  • Installing stock ROM easily
  • Recovering a dead Vivo V23e

How to fix Vivo V23e Test point not working

  • First, use to original cable USB
  • Then Check driver if not going Vivo USB Driver
  • Finally, Disconnect the battery and reconnect

Is EDL mode safe for regular users?

EDL mode designed for developers & technicians who have a deep understanding of firmware flashing and phone troubleshooting. For regular smartphone users, it not recommended to use EDL mode as it can potentially result in damaging the device or voiding the warranty.

Can I need any tools to access EDL mode?

Yes, accessing EDL (Emergency Download) mode on certain devices typically requires specific tools or methods. ”USB EDL cables – key combinations – Software tools – Test points”.

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